Baja Norte Breezes


5 days/4 nights

August 3-7, 2023

Baja Norte (North Baja)

This 300-mile round trip starts in San Diego, CA near the US/Mexico border and returns north at the Otay Mesa or Tecate border crossing.

Maybe you’ve heard all about how awesome Baja is but don’t know where to go or what to expect. This is a great beginner trip where you can gain experience in crossing an international border and get comfortable with traveling in Mexico. Your trip guide will be with you every step of the way.

Embark on an easy trip just south of Ensenada, where pavement and off-roading combine to create a unique experience. Our first stop is Ensenada, where we'll indulge in authentic Mexican tacos and explore the local fish market and marina area. As we continue south, we'll pass through small towns and wineries, enjoying scenic views along the way.

Our journey towards the coast will take us on a long scenic dirt road to our Pacific Ocean camping spot on private property. We've been traveling to this location for years and have a great working relationship with the owner. Here, you'll enjoy safe, off-grid camping overlooking the Pacific Ocean with breathtaking views. Banos and showers are just a short walk from the camping area. This is a very rustic and authentic location, without any 5-star luxuries, but that's what makes it so special.

Daily activity options at this location are beautiful coastal hikes, kayaking, fishing from shore or hire local panga captain. Boat launch ramp on property. Bring your own fishing gear, kayak or mountain bike. One day we will go to a super-secret private beach for beach combing and fun in the sun. No one will be there but us! It’s a great place to escape the heat of the day. There are plenty of off-road exploring options up and down the Pacific coast. The off-roaders in our group may want to join us on the Baja 500 course and do a loop to get a cold drink then return to camp – always a blast!

On the last night of our trip, we have the option of staying where we are at or camping near La Bufadora. La Bufadora is the second largest blowhole in the world. We can also decide as a group on the hot springs soak nearby.

Best weather times for this trip are late May through November when the weather is really hot inland. It’s nice and cool here on the Pacific side. It will be windy off and on at this location so plan accordingly. Suggested gear list will be provided. Only friendly no drama dogs welcome on this trip. Note there will be local camp dogs everywhere.

Passenger cars with a good driver can make it ok to our camping location. High clearance trucks or SUV’s need for the optional off-road day for those folks that choose to do that.

Baja Norte Itinerary

Day 1

Meetup and go south! Camping overlooking Pacific Ocean

Day 2

Camping overlooking Pacific Ocean plus daily fun time

Day 3

Camping overlooking Pacific Ocean plus daily fun time

Day 4

Camping overlooking Pacific Ocean plus daily fun time

Day 5

Lunch and border crossing north

Fun Activities

  • Pacific Ocean coastal hike
  • off-road exploring
  • unlimited photography
  • swim, kayak or fish
  • beach combing
  • wildlife & critter watching
  • enjoy the silence in nature
  • campfire chat & story telling
  • group potluck & meet new amigos
  • epic sunsets
  • optional hot springs soak
  • optional wine tasting at local vineyard
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