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August 30, 2023

Gear Review: What is a PUD?

What is a PUD and do I need one?
A personal urination device (PUD) or also called a stand-to-pee device (STP), is a handy essential device for any outdoor event or overlanding adventure.

Because it is made of rigid plastic, it is easily maneuvered through clothing, without removing gear like backpacks or long pants. The unique funnel shape directs the flow of urine away from the body, while the rounded back edge can be used to wipe, so there are no drips!

Many women hate squatting when you have to pee and dislike hovering over disgusting toilets even more. The stand-to-pee devices were designed by women that want to enjoy life without worry of where to pee. Life’s easier when you’re not concerned about having to find a bathroom, or finding a port potty only to see that it is completely disgusting and unsanitary. You can discreetly pee almost anywhere while being modest and without embarrassment.

While some PUDs work effectively with a simple design, others do not. It is important to choose a high-quality PUD that suits your needs and budget. There are no age limits with using a PUD.

Take it with you…
Take this device with you on hiking, camping, biking, rock climbing, boating, horse back riding, farming, landscaping, serving in the military or first responders, outdoor events, music festivals, road trips, international travel, bird watching, etc. Choose your outdoor fun or work activity. Could we pee in a jar in a tent at night with this? Yes of course. A PUD is an essential tool that any outdoor enthusiast should consider adding to their gear list.

Medical device
Many people with injuries or physical issues have great success with a PUD. Maybe is it challenging for a person to squat to pee in the wilderness where there is no toilet or ports potties. Could also use while in a hospital. See medical use.

Baja Lory’s recommendations:
I pack a PUD (HA) and a Kula Cloth on every overlanding trip. Both are quick and easy to use, especially on a long driving day. I stop by the side of a road and take a pee, with out pulling down my pantalones/pants! Great to use for ladies like me that travel with men. Men go out and stand to pee in the bushes and now so can we.

I have tested several of these PUD devices over the years. I carry one in each of my Baja overloading vehicles and use on a regular basis. These are two of my FAVorite devices that I recommend to other adventurous women that travel and live outdoors.

Tinkle Belle
The Tinkle Belle was designed by a group of professional, adventurous women from Northwestern Montana and made in the USA. It has a flexible side that folds over itself for easy storage. How to use a Tinklebelle.

The pStyle Company was founded in 2006. This is the one I have owned for years. Check out the pStyle.

Ladies – Read up on the specifics on how to use each device. Pro Tip: Practice in the shower! For real ladies. Yeah I did pee on my shorts one time because I was in a hurry and not using it correctly. Practice makes Perfect.


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